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Welcome to the wiki

This wiki is a work-in-progress, and content is provided by knowledgeable volunteers from the membership of the community. Therefore, please understand that our intention is that the informational pages provided here are guidelines for successfully accomplishing various DIY tasks and do not reflect the only methods for doing so.

Prior to using any of the information provided here, users agree to hold harmless, its owners, administrators, moderators, wiki authors and editors from any and all damages that may arise from using any of the documentation contained herein.

Main Topic Areas

Logo7small.png Beginners If you're new to this hobby or want to get started in it, please read this first. You won't regret it!

Logo7small.png Terminology/Definitions Every hobby has its buzzwords, these are good to know

Logo7small.png Lights & Electronics Information about lights, LEDs, pixels, electricity, electronics, PCB manufacturing and more.

Logo7small.png Audio/FM Radio Selecting/understanding music/help your visitors hear your show

Logo7small.png DIY Display Construction Designing/building your own props - PVC, coroplast, wire frames, 3D printing, more. Lots of examples!

Logo7small.png Animatronics Using servo or motors to make animated displays

Logo7small.png Arduino Anything related specifically to cool Arduino stuff

Logo7small.png Raspberry PI/BeagleBone Topics related to setting up or using these inexpensive computer platforms

Logo7small.png Networking Contributors' instructions for network-related issues

Logo7small.png Firmware Tips & Techniques How to modify firmware settings, compile firmware, flash chips, etc.

Logo7small.png Firmware - multiple versions Various versions of firmware and how to use them.

Logo7small.png Assembly Guides Misc. Contributors' assembly instructions

Logo7small.png Troubleshooting How to troubleshoot hardware, software, connections, etc. and tools you can use.

Pumpkin.JPG Halloween Displays We're not just about Christmas... we often decorate for other holidays, too!

Logo7small.png PDF Gallery Miscellaneous PDF files and/or links to PDF documentation

Logo7small.png Return to the forum

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