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To the visitor, a silent animated light show doesn't make much sense by itself -- it just appears to be random blinking and flashing lights. But when you link the lighting effects to an audio track, that's when the show really takes off! The audio track pulls it all together and gives purpose to the lighting effects.
But it's not just any audio that turns your show loose -- playing a local radio station's Christmas carols while your show is running most likely won't work that well and achieve the impact you hope. It's audio that's been carefully selected so that together, the audio/music and lighting effects compliment one another to create the most enjoyable viewing experience. What's more, the audio track needs to have good audio fidelity, too, and the topics below can help you create an excellent audio track.
Jason Rasmussen (jtrpop) provided a wonderfully informative presentation at the 2020 Virtual Christmas Summit that addresses many of the topics below -- highly recommended viewing!: WatchVideo

  • Selecting Music How to select music that matches the overall theme of your show
  • Editing Audio Files Information about inexpensive tools and methods for enhancing your audio track