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Here's a cheap way to make a sleigh that comes apart for easy storage!

  • The basic design idea was pirated from a sleigh kit at a local home improvement center. It just looked simple and compact, and a side looked like it could be made with just a couple sections of PVC pipe.
0-stolen design.jpg
  • To make the curved bottom section/runner, I used a section of stiff wire and just shaped it to the size I thought would work. This would be a single piece of 1/2" x 10' PVC and since the bottom would be straight, all I needed was enough wire to shape the curves.
1-wire form.JPG
  • Because I needed two identical sides, I needed a jig to help bend the PVC pipe. I had an old mattress frame in the garage and I mounted a couple additional boards onto it to fashion a large bending jig for the PVC pipe. I laid the wire sample onto the frame and traced it out. Then I screwed 3" deck screws (sheetrock screws would work too) about 1/2" from the trace line and spaced them evenly around the curves to support the pipe during bending.
2-bending jig.JPG