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(Misc. Techniques)
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:*'''[[How to cut and/or extend rope light]]'''
:*'''[[How to cut and/or extend rope light]]'''
:*'''[[Media:RBL_Conversion_Wiki.pdf]]'''  Bowhunter3125's neat way to convert Really Big Lights to use Pixels
:*'''[[Media:RBL_Conversion_Wiki.pdf]]'''  Bowhunter3125's neat way to convert Really Big Lights to use Pixels
:*'''[[3D printed ropelight power connector]]'''
:*'''[[3D printed ropelight power connector]]
:*''' PDF - '''How to repair Blow Molds - by Carrie Sansing''' https://blow-molded.com/download/blow-mold-restoration-guide.pdf

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The examples and methods presented here are NOT THE ONLY or PRESCRIBED ways to make display elements. They're only samples of ways that some of our members have made them using various materials and tools. You're certainly free to copy these displays and/or methods or use them to create your own, new display pieces. You're encouraged to share YOUR OWN designs here as well, even though your item may be similar to those presented here. You'll need an author account in this Wiki to do that; information on becoming an author is at the bottom of our main Wiki page.
  • Megatrees - large, artificial tree displays
Mega trees
Copper Clad - Rebar Freestanding MegaTree
  • Mini-trees - short, artificial tree/bush displays
Tomato Cage Design
Stackable PVC Design
  • Misc. Coroplast - corrugated plastic displays
Santa's Workshop
Jumbo Tree Ornaments
Fa-la-la display
  • Misc. PVC - displays made using PVC pipe
Santa Sleigh
Making/Wiring_Mono-Pixels (Candy Canes)
StarFlake Spinner
Singing Pixel Snowman
  • Wood-Fibreboard-Cardboard-3D Printing
Reflective PixelFlakes
Shooting Stars
  • Signage - information displays
Building a Tune-To Sign
Building an Octoscroller Matrix Display
  • Live Trees - working with live trees/shrubs
Trees/Tree Wraps
  • Wearable - lighting yourself or your clothes
Santa Cap
  • Window Frames - putting lights around your house windows
PVC Window Frames
Pixel Window Frames
  • DIY Wire Frames - wire frame displays
Singing Choir
Animated Noel Sign

Misc. Techniques